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BEE Awards

If a member of our non-nursing staff stood out and made your stay with us particularly enjoyable, you can nominate them for the BEE Award.

The BEE Award for exceptional staff

The BEE award was established in 2016 by the nurses at Jewish Hospital to recognize the members of our staff that go Beyond Exceptional Expectations. The nursing staff wanted to show appreciation and acknowledgement of exceptional professionals within our organization. The BEE award is presented throughout the year to honor the extraordinary care provided by those that go above and beyond to make an impact outside their daily duties. The support of other care providers is the foundation upon which a patient’s healthcare team can maintain phenomenal care and advocacy. Just as the Daisy cannot survive without the Bee, the nurses cannot survive without the outstanding teamwork provided by other healthcare professionals.

What is the BEE Award?

The BEE Award is a recognition program that honors and celebrates the compassionate care caregivers provide every day. Our BEE Award honorees demonstrate the PETALS principles – Passion & compassion in the care they provide every day, Establishes a special connection through use of kindness and sincerity, Teamwork, Always creates the best experience for their patients, Love for their job, and Shows respect.

Who is eligible?

The BEE award recipients exemplify quality service and extraordinary care to the patients and their families creating a great experience. These professionals consistently demonstrate the mission statement of Mission Hospital by promoting wellness, healing, and hope to all. Those eligible for the BEE award include all hospital employees outside of nursing. Examples include: nursing assistants, therapists, transporters, housekeepers, dietary, physicians, etc.

How to nominate an exceptional team member?

Any patient, visitor, or employee at Mission Hospital may nominate a deserving member of our team. The BEE nomination forms are located at any nurses’ station, patient waiting area, or from any employee. After filling out the form, you may place it in the nomination box or hand it to a member of the management team.