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Health Information Exchange details for patients

Read on to learn about our health information exchange and the benefits it provides for both you and our hospitals, including faster access to lab results, reduced administrative and overhead costs and the ability for clinical information to move quickly between different electronic medical record systems.

Great news! Your providers now have access to your most current medical records throughout western North Carolina.

What is Mission Health Connect? It is a health information exchange. A health information exchange (HIE) allows health care information to be shared electronically between your physicians, hospitals and other providers who help manage your health.

Working as a team, your providers will have access to a more complete health record. It allows clinical information to quickly move between different health care systems while maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of the information. This replaces the outdated method of faxing or of requiring you/others to transport paper medical records between your providers.

Information about our HIE

The goal of our HIE is to make your life easier. Through streamlined electronic processes, we are able to significantly reduce administrative roadblocks so our physicians can deliver safe and timely care within the community and beyond.

Mission Health Connect

Mission Health Connect is a regional health information exchange (HIE) that allows health care information to be shared electronically between physicians, hospitals and other providers/organizations.

Working as a team, providers will have access to a more complete health record for you, as our HIE allows clinical information to move quickly between different electronic medical record systems, all while maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of your sensitive information.

Benefits of our HIE

By participating in Mission Health Connect, physicians can receive your real-time health information at the point of care. The HIE helps to replace outdated modes of sharing patient information, such as faxing or requiring you or a courier to transport paper medical records between providers.

Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Avoiding duplicate tests and procedures
  • Establishing a common set of policies and procedures that apply to all participants and govern appropriate use of patient health information
  • Faster access to lab results, radiology reports, patient histories and discharge summaries
  • Help desk support for both technical and non-technical questions
  • HIPAA compliant data sharing
  • Reduced administrative and overhead costs
  • Regional and statewide connectivity

If you have questions about the HIE, would like your organization to connect with Mission Health Connect or if you have experienced a problem with the Mission Health Connect Website, please feel free to fill out our contact form.

Participating Mission Health hospitals and providers

Our HIE is the preferred practice of not just Mission Health hospitals, but also affiliated providers and clinics, partner organizations and organizations outside of Mission Health.

Mission Health Hospitals

The below hospitals around the Western North Carolina region have adopted the use of our HIE:

Other physicians and clinics

In addition to our hospitals, the below clinics, outpatient care offices, private practices and associated providers use our HIE, so you can feel confident that your information will be shared and used in the best possible ways.

  • Advanced Cardiac Care Clinic and Mission
  • AMC Telehealth
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates - Brevard
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates - Franklin
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates - Hendersonville
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates - Highlands
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates - Marion
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates - Rutherfordton
  • Asheville Cardiology Associates- Spruce Pine
  • Asheville Family Medicine
  • Avenu Health
  • Blue Ridge Medical Center Yancey Campus
  • Blue Ridge Orthopedics Burnsville
  • Blue Ridge Regional Hospital
  • Blue Ridge Specialty Services - Yancey
  • Brevard Internal Medicine and Pulmonology
  • Brevard Orthopedics
  • Cancer Care of WNC, Asheville
  • Cancer Care of WNC, Brevard
  • Cancer Care of WNC, Franklin
  • Cancer Care of WNC, McDowell
  • Cancer Care of WNC, Spruce Pine
  • Cancer Care of WNC, Sylva
  • Carolina Vascular
  • Fullerton Genetics Center
  • General Surgery Franklin
  • Hope Women's Cancer Center
  • Huffstutter, William MD
  • Leicester Community Health Center
  • McDowell Health Plus
  • McDowell ObGyn
  • McDowell Pain Management
  • McDowell Surgical Services
  • McDowell Urgent Care
  • Medical Assoc of Transylvania
  • MHCC Neuro Clinic
  • Mission Cancer Center
  • Mission Children's
  • Mission Children's Specialists Olson Huff
  • Mission Children's Specialists Ortho
  • Mission Children's Specialists Peds Comm Trans
  • Mission Children's Specialists Peds Endo
  • Mission Children's Specialists Peds Neuro
  • Mission Children's Specialists Peds Pulm
  • Mission Children's Specialists Peds Surgery
  • Mission Community Medicine - Highlands
  • Mission Community Medicine - Nebo
  • Mission Community Orthopedic and Sports Medicine-Spruce Pine
  • Mission Community Primary Care - Cashiers
  • Mission Community Primary Care - Haywood
  • Mission Community Primary Care - Highlands
  • Mission Community Primary Care - Spruce Pine
  • Mission Community Surgical Specialists - Spruce Pine
  • Mission Community Urology Specialists - Spruce Pine
  • Mission Family Medicine - Weaverville
  • Mission Health Center Franklin
  • Mission Health Center Highlands
  • Mission Health Center Highway 70
  • Mission Health Center McDowell
  • Mission Health Center Sugar Hill
  • Mission Health Mauzy-Phillips Center
  • Mission Infectious Disease Associates
  • Mission My Care Now - Biltmore Park
  • Mission My Care Now - Franklin
  • Mission My Care Now - Haywood
  • Mission My Care Now - McDowell
  • Mission My Care Now - Spruce Pine
  • Mission My Care Plus - Biltmore Park
  • Mission Neurology
  • Mission Ortho Trauma
  • Mission Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Franklin
  • Mission Orthopedic Trauma Services
  • Mission Orthopedics - Highlands
  • Mission Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
  • Mission / St. Joseph Hospital
  • Mission Surgery
  • Mission Surgery - McDowell
  • Mission Trauma Services
  • Mission Urology
  • Mission Urology - Biltmore Park
  • Mission Urology - McDowell
  • Mission Weight Management
  • Mission Women's Care - McDowell
  • Mission Women's Care Spruce Pine
  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Franklin
  • Pisgah Surgical
  • Primary Care Franklin
  • Regional Surgical Specialists MPHC
  • Tallulah Health Center
  • Toxaway Health Center
  • The Vein Specialists
  • Vista Family Health
  • Women's Care Spruce Pine

Mission Health Partners (MHP)

Additional participating organizations

In addition to Mission Health providers and hospitals, there are several other HIEs that connect with us, including:


(Information we want you to know)

If I participate, WHO can see my records?

As with your electronic medical record, only your health care providers (and associated staff who are given rights to the HIE) can access and share your records for: treatment purposes, payment purposes, health care operations, required public health reporting, other state or federally mandated reporting purposes, or for research as allowed by law.

If I participate, WHAT information is shared?

Mission Health Connect will include demographics and information about your health diagnosis, procedures, medications, allergies, immunizations, laboratory and other test results. It will not include psychotherapy notes, records from a licensed substance abuse facility, or other information that requires your specific authorization to release under state or federal law. Healthcare records from 2011 to present-day will be available within the HIE. Advance Directives submitted after September 4, 2017 will also be viewable to qualifying systems.

WHEN is my information shared?

Only individuals caring for you as a patient or providing coordination of health services to you will be able to view your health information. Just like with electronic medical records, Mission Health Connect tracks when your record is viewed, by whom, and what was viewed.

HOW is my health information protected?

Mission Health Connect takes precautions to keep your records private and secure. Your records are protected by encryption technology and other security measures, including administrative, physical and technical safeguards. Federal and state guidelines govern how your health information can be exchanged, viewed, or used. Mission Health Connect participants have agreed to follow the applicable laws, rules, and guidelines.

WHY should I participate?

Your participation allows your medical providers to see a more complete picture of your overall health and to make more informed treatment decisions. health care providers already share patient health records by fax, email, and mail when needed for your care-the HIE offers a process that may be more efficient, accurate, and timely. The HIE assists us in achieving our aim for our community which is to improve quality of care, improve patient safety, reach better outcomes, and lower costs.

Finally, am I REQUIRED to participate in the HIE?

No. However, your health information will be available and visible to your participating caregivers/medical providers through Mission Health Connect unless you opt-out using the Mission Health Connect Opt-Out Form at registration. Your choice to opt-out of the HIE will not affect your ability to access medical care. Opting out will not prevent your providers from sharing your health information with authorized persons or entities or when necessary for public health or research purposes that are permitted or required by North Carolina and federal law.

If I decide to "opt out" now, can I join at a later time?

Yes. However, your health information will only be available within the HIE for dates of service on and after your decision to participate. Information from earlier dates of services/medical care may or may not be available within the HIE.